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Everything done at Africa Direct is above board our teams of professionals who have been in the industrial sectors we cover for quiet a longtime are always there to help navigate the region and in each country and their laws .Africa Direct has managed to gather best people in each sector in ,in each country within the globe inorder to minimise response time and also bring quality and excellent services to our valued customers.

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Africa Direct core values are Honesty integrity and efficiency, through working with various organisations and cooperate companies ,Africa direct has earned a lost of trust within the region ,through those core values as well as transparency in all our work .At Africa Direct we have made communicating with our employees a priority and we always seeking diverse perspective in order to achieve most important outcome which is trust.The region we are focused on (Sadc) is marred by corruption but through great leadership within our teams we have managed to be trusted by many .

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Our expertise in Global sourcing is second to none , we believe we have what it takes to make sure the region is catered for from the Agricultural sector,Mining sector,Energy sector and transport Sector .Training and supply of work force through our dedicated leadership within those sectors has become one of our main goals at the company. Africa is of paramount importance to us ,we want the best out it .Africa Direct understands the region so well that we are determined to see success through partnerships , hard work, honesty and reliability,At Africa Direct we always find a way off getting it done



Africa Direct is to improve  enrich and intensify growth of our continent through trade which help to improver wealth our nations and catch up with the whole world.With vast amount of raw materials Africa stands to be one of the powerful continent in the world and we want to be part of the change .Our team of experts have a lot experience within the region.

Africa Direct  team sat down and looked at what’s really taking place within the region and why is a great continent lacking behind yet it has the raw materials that the world need ,a few things apart from politics stood out for us and we looking to exploit those weakness hence enrichng our people 

  Ethan Malachi the head of operations uk is passionate about the Africa story with his relations to the southern region .Ethan has dedicated himself to making sure the region does  get the much needed help in sourcing and supplying in order to enable the region to prosper

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 At Africa Direct our mission is to try and make sure our customers get the best service ,quickest and easiest way of navigating the region and mostly be transparent as possible as we can.We are here to get it done because it is what it someone has to do it .We have the will and the means .

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