We are the biggest Suppliers in the SADC Region

Africa Direct is the biggest supplier of commodities within the SADC region we are hands on when it comes to sourcing and supplying globally .Africa direct has Africa at heart due to the fact that Africa has raw materials but a lot of countries are not using their materials due to lack of equipment, that alone prompted us to come in to help the situation , to those may have got the machinery to process their materials the markets are scarce so again Africa Direct is there to help establish new markets within and foreign ,we also ensure that fair trade is adhered to inorder to make sure the hard working people of Africa are satisfied .At Africa Direct we always find a way of getting things done . 

Quality Driven

At Africa Direct we have a clear set of values and a distinct vision , a start point and an end goal we, established which is understood by all our employees which is high quality services our second nature .It is what it is its got to be done !

Customer Focused

Because we are a strong contributor to the overall success of business in Africa and the world we ensure we put our customer satisfaction first ,we walk the talk we have invested time and money in extensive internal communications instructing and training our employees to keep customers at the top of agenda

Global Sourcing

With links to Europe ,Asia and America ,Africa Direct Ltd has its headquarters in London England .We have reliable source and a whole list of reliable suppliers as well as buyer of commodities . Africa direct has direct access to world' top wholesalers and markets across the geopolitical boundaries .Our aim is to exploit global efficiencies in delivery of products


Africa Direct is  here to offer cost-effective solutions to the region .We are working with Government within the region toward planning and installation  of water and sanitation for every household within the region .Our research  on why Africa is lacking behind lead us to Water , without clean water supply and industrial  we can certainly not talk about development let alone investment .We are also working on promoting environmental friendly cities and also promote the use of greener fuels which will boost the farming industry as well . Construction sector is a major problem for some countries but look no further we are here to help as we have experienced team behind us .

Tankers for sale


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Health Sector

 Health and safety within the region was already poorly managed within the region, the arrival of Covid19 did not help as the situation was already bad , Africa Direct has top suppliers within their grasp for Anti Covid PPE and other medical supplies .Hospitals ,Schools,Nursing homes workplace all need to be sanitised  as Covid19  has become the new normal .At Africa direct work hand in hand with the government  in Covid protection of citizens through supplies and educational info that’s provided by the World Health Organisation .

We help the Agricultural sector

Agricultural supplies

Africa Direct is support agricultural  sector within the SADC region whole heartedly.Africa Direct as been involved with the supply of fuel , farming equipment ,educational support , supply of produce as well assist in international trade.Africa Direct can also help potential farmers who want to purchase land within the SADC region  be it for Farming or Mining so please feel free to email us at info@africadirect.org

Tankers for sale

Fuel supplies

We have been  supplying fuel within the Sadc region for over 10  years  now  .We supply from Aviation fuel ,Diesel and Petrol  as well as oils.We work majors locally and if an order is bigger than 50 million litres  , we can order a vessel for you . Our procedure are simple to follow  

We are investing heavily in clean and smart energy

Power And Energy

The world is moving to green energy and smart ways of saving the planet .At Africa Direct we don’t believe for one second that Africa should remain behind so we have offers on  Solar power stations to countries in the region that have seen power cuts after power cuts due to the change of environment .Africa has  the climate for farming and we are working with countries within the region to promote greener fuels  which will help the farmers as well 



Africa Direct implements and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements.We are linked to top transporters within the SADC region with all our transport required to have insurance and all the relevant documents in order to do local and cross border freight .We also connected  international shipping  companies  for  good for abroad to the region 

Open Cast Mining in Botswana

Mining supplies

Africa Direct has a group of mining companies that are ready to supply minerals to buyers.We have enough supplies and our procedures are simple to follow.Africa Direct can help you secure all the minerals that you are looking for legally.WE have a strict policy which ensures fair trade and sticking to rules and regulations .For Investors an opportunity to own a mine or partner a mine is always available please do not hesitate to call or email us , we are her to do all the donkey in the quest of making sure Africa is recognised in the world 

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CEO  Africa Direct Limited

Here is what we can do for you as an individual , company , country or investor. Africa has  vast projects going on at the moment we can help you secure contracts in any country within the sadc region , we can help you with investing in  projects that have a quick turn around in countries within the sadc region , be it Mining,Agriculture or Infrastructure Development. Let us do the donkey for you  , it  is what we do.

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